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Oasis Group

Sri Lanka



Oasis was incorporated in the year 1996 with the purview of serving the farming nation with their Argo inputs requirements. Our prime objective is to provide the best to the farming community and to maximize the yield with a minimum of investment.

Today we have diversified to many areas keeping to our promise to deliver nature's best to society without compromising what mother nature gave us, keeping her well preserved and working with a promise to work with nature in harmony. Resulting in establishing a group of companies complementary to each other, to give encourage entrepreneurship to all who are involved, Advocate the importance of natural resources to give good health, joy, and abundance to all within this glorious planet.






(Pvt) Ltd

Agriculture Fertilizer, Chemicals and Farming  Consultancy




Supply of Agriculture Seeds 


For relaxing and joyous 

holidays in exotic Sri Lanka

Tathya Skin care (pvt) ltd

Mother Natures' gift for beauty and well-being.

100% organic

Founder Managing Director

"The planet of the earth is and its inhabitants are on the verge of facing a food sacristy as a result of a growing population and the limiting factor of land availability and resources for cultivation becoming unlimited demands. In order to derive maximum use of efficiency from allocated cultivable lands, one needs to think about nutrients management and add nutrients to the soil or to the foliage and apply different modes of pest control. Chemical inputs will play a vital role for immediate results. This mode of action will definitely have adverse effects on our precious environment if it is not used cautiously and always carry a risk factor.
A major role will be played by the inputs of agriculture, the best way of overcoming the situation is through organic inputs, yet the organic should also be dynamic in its efficacy. The world trend is now developing towards a natural and organic environment.
We at Oasis Group are on the footage to introducing effective, economical, results-oriented organic products to be shared among the farming communities around the globe in their march towards sustainable food security. It’s my pleasure to contribute towards the protection of our planet and creating a healthy and peaceful surrounding of living for mankind.
Love nature and mother nature will love you in return."

Mr.Sumith De Silva – Managing Director 

Founder of Oasis group, Sri Lanka

The Board of Directors


Mrs. Sandhya De Silva



Mr.Dhanoj De Silva



Mrs. Kisalka De Silva


The Winning Team

WE believe that sustainable agriculture is about meeting the needs of the present, without sacrificing those of tomorrow—it’s farming that is environmentally sound, socially responsible, and profitable for farmers. Sustainable agriculture strives for the best long-term outcomes for forests, climate stability, human rights, and livelihoods, 

This is the mantra that we follow in each and everything that we do and must be in the hearts of us all who is in this sector of services.

"Protect and live with Nature and Nature in return will protect and live in Us"

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